Colombia´s Language and Cultural Experience

Cali´s Best Cultural Language Experience.

Spanish for your Soul  is an unforgettable cultural language immersion programme that will simply make you smitten with Colombia.

This amazing immersion programme has been specifically designed, in order to offer you a new experience from the comfort of your own home. We will offer you virtual live cooking classes, nature “safari-tours”, history lessons with historians, and of course coffee tasting and salsa dance classes; all with the aim for you to improve your Spanish-speaking skills. Our travel-inspired Spanish modules about Colombia will motivate you to visit one of the happiest and diverse countries in the world.

We hope you already have your bucket list of destinations ready!
We will help you explore your potential in Spanish, whilst also embarking on a virtual journey through different cultural characteristics of Colombia’s most incredible towns, with an unmissable stop in the Salsa capital of the World, Cali – in the Valle del Cauca region.

Boulevard del Río y Gato de Tejada, Santiago de Cali. Fotos: Secretaría de Turismo Cali
Turistas en Las Gatas de Tejada, Santiago de Cali, Valle del Cauca. Foto: Diego Sinisterra

Already in Cali? Learn Spanish with us!

Cali, must-see city in Colombia

Why Cali, is the best city to learn Spanish in Colombia.

You know that the best way to learn Spanish is to be in direct contact with Spanish-speakers.  Cali has been chosen #1 in the World Travel Awards leading Cultural city destination 2019,  a perfect place for authentic exploring. Our city, was named after a God smile «Branch of Heaven», it´s population is estimated at 2,401.000 million people, making it the thrird -largest city of the Colombian Southwest.

Our immersion courses in Cali are the right combination of Spanish lessons, and practice through the city.  People come from abroad to do business, experience our joy and culture, immerse in the language, get salsa lessons, taste our gastronomy; stablish new companies and get advantage of the best medical procedures you can get.

“Caleños” are open mind, postive and friendly and well known for dancing salsa, they love to host tourists and give them a warming welcome to our city.

Unique gastronomy

 The French Network Délice  recognized us for the variety of our traditional cuisine from the Pacific Vallecaucano, we are the only city in South America that join the network this year. We have five gastronomic areas to explore including our unique «Alameda Market».

Caleño style

We are known worldwide as the Salsa Capital and lots of tourists from different countries visit us to learn how to dance the best Salsa ever, «Caleño style». Cali has 4 salsa shows, more than 2000 dancers that  participate in the «Salsodromo» and 127 salsa academies.  If you visit our town you can´t miss the opportunity to take salsa lessons.

Cultural and Biz destination

Since Cali is growing so fast we have the best facilities to do your business meetings & conventions  for a large scale, rank 8th in meetings tourism in Latin America. On the other hand we have more than 50 events during the year, which inhabitants and visitors can enjoy or simply come to do  birdwatching with more than 562 species.

At Incompany we can offer you a Cultural Approach, not only a new language. Our goal is to help ground the academic focus within a real context, enabling students to explore our city and  help them to connect with Spanish speakers when they return back home.

Our  3 top Spanish courses: Lux  Spanish Immersion, Medical Spanish and Business Spanish course. Think about it and make sure that Cali, Colombia is written in your next bucket list.

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