Business Spanish Course

Already in Cali? Learn Spanish for Business!

This is a fun and practical course for young professionals and executives who have a general knowledge of the Spanish language and want to develop confidence in listening and speaking. Our small groups meet both in and out of the classroom, giving you the opportunity to develop your fluency and accuracy with realistic role-plays and scenarios. Students in this course will deepen their understanding of the business world and be able to give presentations, write emails, and talk on the phone to clients with confidence, precision and ease.

Classes Meet Monday thru Friday
Classes Meet Monday thru Friday

  • 10 hours per-week US$335
  • 20 hours per-week US$390
Learn Spanish and then Dance the Night Away!
Learn Spanish and then Dance the Night Away!

  • 20 hours per-week + 6 salsa dancing lessons  US$342
General Spanish Lessons Monday thru Friday
General Spanish Lessons Monday thru Friday

  • 10 hours per-week US$144
  • 20 hours per-week US$280

Our Programs

Premium Spanish ImmersionMedical Spanish Immersion⌂ Spanish Immersion Experience

The best way to become more confident in the practical use of Spanish is by immersing yourself in the language and culture. If you’re willing to spend a brief period abroad, then our immersion program is your best bet!  You’re receive 30 lessons per-week with fun and engaging first-rate language professors. These interactive lessons take place both in and out of the classroom, allowing you to increase confidence, competence, and understanding of the language, both quickly and effectively. This program is great for all levels of speakers. see more>>

This 2-week dynamic Medical Immersion Program has been designed for those who need to expand their knowledge and fluency of Spanish for the medical field. Emphasizing real-life communication, you’ll learn the listening and speaking skills you need to interact effectively with your patients and colleagues, providing a better overall health care experience. To get a comprehensive view of the healthcare system, we include lectures by specialists in the medical field. see more>>

A Different Spanish Immersion Experience Incompanyes’ Premium Spanish study abroad opportunities set a new standard for excellence in immersion education.
We combine outstanding curriculum and high academic standards with the Spanish language and culture to deliver an exceptional immersion experience. This gives each student a new perspective of the global environment in which we live.
At InCompany, in the heart of Cali, Colombia, we are delighted to be able to offer students the following interactive and engaging courses to choose from: Premium Intensive Spanish Immersion, and Business and Medical Spanish. Back to Programs>>



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